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Have I talked about the year of the necklace? With Zooms and on line communication at an all time high, it’s time for you to think about your necklace game and how it pops on screen.

I’ve got a couple of thoughts.

First of all, buy a small necklace that means something to you that you wear every day. I’m talking a small evil eye, a KARMA necklace, a heart. Something you wear at the base of your neck that you don’t take off. Trust me on this one.

Then, buy a tennis necklace. Tennis necklaces of the past were fancy and you only wore them for special occasions. But no more. Today’s tennis necklace is meant for every day — I sleep in mine! At Rocks with Soul we have many varieties and I promise you, you will find the perfect one. Whether bezel or prong set or diamonds, sapphires or emeralds, you can find the one that makes your neck sparkle just so.

Next, layer on some chain link necklaces. Maybe add one that is just a solid gold chain. Throw on another with a charm or two or three (or if you are like my gal Shirley, create a cluster of charms that hang from a chain that make you smile every time you think about each one). You know me and I like everything classy and simple. So I’m not talking about heavy chains over heavy chains. I’m saying work on your layer game. Add charms or “bits” that speak to you. Collect them. Right now my favorite is the zodiac charm and it looks great alone or in a grouping. Have fun and be creative. Remember the world is seeing you differently. No one is noticing that new dress but believe me when I say they will notice your new necklace. And tell them that they too can go to Rocks with Soul to create a look that will make their zooms way more interesting. Or certainly more beautiful.

By the way, this new necklace look is here to stay so now that the world is opening back up, your new neck will say lookout world here I am (again, in a classy and fabulous way).

Happy summer and I’m so happy that we are all seeing each other in person once again. I have missed you.



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