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Ask us what one piece of jewelry we think every woman should have in her jewelry wardrobe…DIAMOND HOOP EARRINGS, all day long.

Rocks with Soul Kerri Lehmann

For me (Kerri), I’m pretty much wearing the 18k gold diamond hoops in either white gold, yellow gold or with black diamonds every single day. I wear big, 2.5 inches but my clients wear them in all the sizes and if you are a Rocks with Soul groupie (haha), I’ve probably convinced you to add these hoops to your jewelry collection. And I can say with 100 percent conviction, that every one of my Clients loves them.

Rocks with Soul Kate Lehmann

When Kate joined the business, we added an all gold version of this hoop. It’s a really remarkable gold hoop earring with 14k gold diamond cut beads. These sparkle like crazy and they really are a great alternative to the diamond hoops. Kate wears the one inch or the 1.5 inch most days (she has multiple piercings to my one, so she is better at changing out her earrings on a daily basis) and there is not a day that goes by, that she doesn’t get a compliment on her ear game.

SO, up to you…..are you going to be a KERRI or a KATE? And believe us when we say that there is room in your jewelry wardrobe for both of us. Either way, you will not be disappointed.


Kerri and Kate

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