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Diamonds, of course, but what other precious stones am I loving right now? Hands down, I’m loving on Emeralds. Emeralds are the rarest and most meaningfully precious gemstone. The jewel of kings but also known to be calming and balancing, promoting creativity and eloquence and restoring faith and hope. Emeralds are the gem of fascination and vitality and most importantly, emeralds can bring you immense luck and fortunes, even when you lose hope. Convinced?

Honestly for me, Emeralds are just chic and fabulous. I can remember when I was barely out of college, working in New York City at a big ad agency and one of the senior executives wore a big emerald eternity band. I coveted that ring. And the love of emeralds has continued for me to this day.

We have added a number of fun emerald rings, beautiful emerald drop earrings and even a magnificent emerald baguette tennis necklace. We have emeralds for every day and emeralds for that special night out so trust me on this one and add a pop of green to your jewelry wardrobe. I’m pretty sure you too will fall in love.



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