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I love the idea of doing custom cuffs, rings and necklaces that have a saying or your loved ones initials on it.

In fact, two of my favorite pieces are my custom K + M bracelet (Kerri plus Mark) and my initial and heart chain bracelet with my three kids initials. I wear both of them every day.

And it doesn’t have to be initials. One of my clients bought herself a HOPE bracelet for her 50th birthday after a recent divorce. It wasn’t that she was hoping for a new man to come and sweep her off her feet or that she was Hoping that everything would be easy and effortless. But in so many ways, she was “HOPE”ing for a better tomorrow. And guess what? She has a huge job as one of the leading women in Tech AND she has a great new guy that she is planning a future with.

There is no magic in it. OR…..is there?

Think about what you want to say or what makes you feel happy every day when you look at your hand or your wrist.

Let me help you to say it.

With Love,


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