Welcome to our new Rocks with Soul website.

This has been a long time in the works and we are so excited to finally have a site

that reflects the essence of our brand.

Rocks with Soul, quite simply, is not like other jewelry sites. We have a mission that

is unique.

Rocks with Soul is about finding the right match for each and every piece of jewelry.

We think about what people wear. How they wear it. We care about how it feels on

your ears and whether or not your necklace should be 16 or 17 inches in length. We

want everybody to be happy with their purchase and we will spend a lot of time

with you to make that happen. We want those who receive Rocks with Soul as a gift

to feel special.

Rocks with Soul is also about giving back. Our brand has given over half a million

dollars to charities in the nearly 11 years that we have been in business. That is a lot

of money for a small brand. And our intention is to keep giving back. You can see on

our Charities page some of the organizations that we have supported over the years

and each charity is linked to their home page. So check them out. Each one is

amazing and each one is taking a step to repair the world. If you have bought a piece

of our jewelry and given back that way, we thank you. And if you want to click on the

charity on our Charity page and donate just because, do that too. We thank you for